December Holiday Survival Guide: Pre-Festivity Feasting

A taste here, a sample there…if you are not careful, you could easily consume hundreds of calories before the first guest arrives. To keep a lid on pre-party picking:

  1. Eat before you cook. Don’t even think about setting foot in the kitchen to whip up your famous Christmas cookies on an empty stomach. It’s like going food shopping when you’re hungry. Have a balanced meal or snack before cooking, so you won’t be as tempted to nibble.
  2. Cook earlier in the day (I do it first thing in the morning). Our willpower is stronger, earlier. We make lazier and poorer food decisions as the pressures and stresses of the day go on. And cover what you made in foil, not saran wrap. We eat with our eyes!
  3. Chew sugar-free peppermint gum while you cook. It keeps our mouth fresh, and we’re less likely to nibble when we have a fresh feeling going on. Research shows that peppermint is the number one taste and scent for extinguishing a food craving.
  4. Keep healthy, low calorie snacks on hand. Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cut carrots, celery- they’re easy to prepare, low in calories, and keep our hands and mouth busy while you cook.
  5. Save Your Appetite. Try going to the party a little hungry, but not ravenous. The idea is to eat less so you can leave some extra calories for later. But don’t starve all day. You don’t want to be so hungry that you see the first canapé, say, “screw it!, and dive into the entire tray.
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