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April 2, 2021

Amongst the myriad of ways that Covid has affected our lives this past year, unwanted weight gain has been a reality for many of us.

Easy to Digest Healthy Eating Strategies from Weight Loss Coach Lyssa Weiss

Wake Up With Al

June 12, 2015

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Warm weather eating: Eat your water!


‘Healthy’ is on the menu: How to eat better while dining out!

Fox 4 – Morning Blend

March 20, 2015 – Eat Right with Lyssa Weiss

MariaShriverLogoJanuary 22, 2015 By Lyssa Weiss – Maria Shriver’s Tools for Healthy Living
5 Diet Gems for Eating Out In Your Skinny Jeans

Armonk Daily Voice

Armonk Daily Voice - Lyssa Weiss“I want to help women end the cycle of yo-yo dieting,” Weiss said. “The key to doing this is that you have to change your thinking to change your eating. What you put in your mouth is secondary to what you put in your head.”

“Armonk Woman Publishes Skinny Jeans Diet Book”

LA Times

LA Times - The Skinny Jeans Diet“Do you like lists of tips, tricks and food swaps that will help trim calories and avoid bingeing on junk? Then you’ll love this book…”

“Ample serving of new diet books to jump-start 2015 health resolutions”

Better Show

Better Show - Lyssa Weiss

“Dining Out In Your Skinny Jeans! How can we make the best of a diet? Lyssa Weiss has some ground breaking news! Get the “skinny” here!”

Dining Out In Your Skinny Jeans!


Lyssa Weiss on MindBodyGreen9 Tips To Chill Out & Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Detroit News

Detroit News - The Skinny Jeans DietReview: Ample serving of diet books for ’15 resolutions