December Holiday Survival Guide: Let’s Start With The Bar

Let the celebrations begin! From now until January, celebrations can feel like an obstacle course for your diet: the buffet table, the bar, the passed hors d’oeuvres, the dessert spread. December Weiss Wednesdays will be all about navigating the calorie traps with ease.

Easy Portion Control At The Bar

  1. Try A Portion-Marked Glass When Drinking At Home. This will help you keep track of how many ounces you’ve knocked back. I like the discreet ones by Wine-Trax ($20 for two glasses, click here to order).
  2. Ask For A White-Wine or Champagne Glass When Out. It’s easy to pour more wine into wider, deeper red-wine stemware. Stick to slimmer white-wine or champagne glasses.
  3. Make A Pre-Party Pact With Yourself. Spend a few minutes before the party deciding what your drink limit will be. Visualize yourself sticking to that limit, enjoying yourself, walking out of the event with a big smile on your face, feeling fabulous. Having pictured the desired behavior, your subconscious will prod you to choose that reality, making it much easier to drink less!
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