Valentine’s Day SOS!

Over the next few days, those of us watching our waistlines will be bombarded with temptation. Around every corner there will be one candy kiss after another. Some may even find themselves dreaming about truffles, peanuts swimming in gooey caramel, and others of us will count chocolate covered strawberries to try and fall asleep. By the time it’s all said and done, how can we be expected to wedge ourselves into that sexy lingerie come Friday night?

Valentine’s Day SOS!

  1. Be Real. This isn’t your first Valentine’s Day- you’re well aware of the decadent treats that await you. So plan ahead of time what portion-sized treat you will allow yourself and which ones you won’t. That pre-planning will add a moment of pause if you start breaking your eating rules or are about to down that sixth chocolate truffle.
  2. Bank Up. During the next few days that lead up to V-Day, make sure you have a 100-150 calorie deficit in your daily caloric intake. You’re going to need it.
  3. Focus On The Feeling, Not The Food. Whether you’re giving or receiving, opt for flowers, perfume, jewelry or a nice card to feel the love. As tempting as those Godiva chocolates may be, you’ll pay the price later on.
  4. Wear Form Fitting Clothes. You know those skinny jeans you have to lie down to zipper? Wear them to work, to carpool, to your Valentine’s dinner date. It makes you super aware when you overeat. It’s literally a physical barrier to overeating!
  5. Be Prepared For Emotional Eating. Date stand you up? Getting over an ugly divorce? Perhaps this year’s Valentine’s Day is causing you serious distress. Don’t let it lead to diet destruction. Be prepared with other options- a hot book, binge watching Girlfriends Guide To Divorce, or going to a favorite yoga class. Sitting on the couch inhaling 1,000 calories worth of wine is only going to make you feel worse. Really.
  6. Milk vs. Dark vs. White. If chocolate is happening no matter what, choose wisely. White has more calories than dark and milk. And if you like whipped chocolate, lucky you. It contains fewer calories than solid chocolate.
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