The Brain Behind The Skinny Jeans Diet

Fact: 97% of all dieters will regain their lost weight within 5 years

Fact: Binging is the #1 eating disorder…3 million people have it

Fact: I was once a binge-eater…and lost 50 pounds. And kept it off!

As a nutritionist, author, and on-air TV personality, I’ve helped millions of people do the same.

Whether you’re a binge-eater or a yo-yo dieter or just someone who is struggling with emotional eating patterns and weight issues, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s not your food that’s making you fat…it’s your head!

Trust me…I know all about binge eating and emotional eating. I’ve been there myself — and dropped 50 pounds by fundamentally changing the way I think. I got smart and skinny!

I offer personal consultations, group sessions, and invaluable tips and clever new techniques for breaking those habits and thought patterns that drive you to the cookie cabinet (or bread basket or cheese tray).

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Get smart and skinny!

As a registered dietitian and serial dieter who spent years exploring the reasons for my own lifelong struggle with weight, I developed The Skinny Jeans Diet to help those also trying to break free of the demoralizing and destructive cycle of binge eating and realize their goals of living smart and skinny. It’s been an honor and a privilege to help thousands of people lose weight, gain confidence, boost self-esteem, attain optimal health and of course, fit into their pants.

Binge eating was a problem for me for years.  In order to lose weight I knew I had to get smart AND skinny.  I’m here to give even more people access to the very best diet strategies, tips, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, and emotional support needed to achieve a lasting weight loss.