Here’s What I’m Loving Right Now

Hi Guys!
I’m all about trying new stuff–it’s an important skill to master in your life. So is trusting your intuition. So today I’m going to practice both skills by changing up today’s newsletter content.
This Wednesday I want to share with you something that I am LOVING, and that our private Facebook community, SKINNY JEANS GET SMART AND SKINNY (we would love to have you join us so here’s the link!) is doing, TOGETHER. Because when we do something together, we get stronger and feel less alone. We get some happy on.
So, what is it? It’s Mel Robbins Best Decade Ever program, and it’s absolutely 100% FREE!
Mel Robbins is the number one female motivational speaker in the world, and is host of her own daytime talk show, The Mel Robbins Show. But to me, she feels like my own personal development guru. She is the voice coming out of the phone in my bathroom that keeps me company when I wash up at night, and helps me to think about the ways I want to be a better version of myself.
If you think this personal development thing has nothing to do with weight loss, boy are you wrong about that. It has EVERYTHING to do with weight loss. When we can make ourselves feel better, so we don’t need the food to make us feel better, we stop needing to turn to the food. We can give ourselves what we are turning to 43 Oreos to give us.
This year, her team has put together a month long program to kick off the New Year with real momentum. Just click here to get more information and sign up to join. And don’t worry that it’s already Jan 18th. You can go back and watch the videos at your leisure when you get free time. They are archived on YouTube and don’t need to be watched in any particular order.
Here’s what I believe. With patience, repetition, determination (and the right YouTube video), you can teach yourself to do absolutely anything. Even to be a happier, calmer, more peaceful version of yourself.