December Holiday Survival Guide: THE PREGAME

It’s clear there’s a huge benefit to outsmarting holiday calorie bombs, but no one wants to pull carrot sticks out her fancy bag at a holiday party! Here’s some ways to take in the holiday cheer without letting out your pants this season.

  1. TREAT ALL EVENING EVENTS AS DINNER. Don’t view a cocktail party or a buffet as a prelude to a meal. People who plan to have dinner later eat less at the first event, but end up eating more calories overall.
  2. BACK AWAY FROM THE BUFFET. Svelte eaters tend to get their food and then move to the other side of the room and face away from the spread.
  3. KEEP YOUR HANDS BUSY. Hold something in your dominant hand at all times- a beverage or your cute clutch. This trick prevents you from aimlessly picking finger food off an appetizer tray.
  4. FILL UP ON PROTEIN. Have a protein rich snack before going out- it keeps you feeling full longer than carbs, and arriving satisfied helps you eat with your head instead of your stomach.
  5. BE AWARE OF LITTLE BITES. They may look harmless, but mini appetizers often contain about 100 calories and can easily add up without filling you up. You eat them quickly and mindlessly, they’re hard to keep track of, and they’re not all that satisfying. If you’re saving yourself for the main meal or dessert, choose lighter apps.