If I Gave You One, Two or Five Million Dollars, Would It Be Worth It?

Boy, do we ever have an arsenal of excuses. We use them to explain, justify, and/or self-impose a limitation as to why we can’t do something. It’s the reason we can’t stop bingeing. The reason we can’t track our food. The reason we cheat on our diets every weekend.

You know how you can tell when you’re making an excuse? Do the money test. Ask yourself this: If I gave you one, two, or five million dollars (whatever number works for you), would you be able to say no to the bread basket, not pick at your kids chips, start measuring your cereal, keep the Oreos OUT of your kitchen, etc.?

Duh. Of course, you could.

Would you? Well that’s another question. You see, all of a sudden, given the right incentive (in this case, money), you could change anything in your life. That begets the next question: Is being the healthiest, the happiest, the most gorgeous you, imaginable, worth it?

Everyone has their own favorite brand of excuse. In truth, excuses are brilliant. After all, they keep us from having to do something we don’t want to do and let us explain why we can’t [fill in the blank]. Heck, we have permanent no-fault insurance and, best of all, it’s the excuses’ fault, not ours.

If your happiness, self-esteem, and inner-pride, however, are paying the premium, then reach out to me at [email protected].  Don’t let your excuses hold you back from changing the way you eat, look and feel.



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