Girls’ Night Out!

Birthdays. Mah-jongg. Book club. Just because it’s summer. Ever go out with the girls and find yourself digging into the chips and guacamole or the family-style hummus platter faster than Fred Flintstone said “Yabba-dabba-doo”? While we love each other’s company, being with a group of women can take it’s toll on the best-laid diet plans. Here are some strategies for your favorite girls’ night out.
1. Be a trendsetter! A new study found that women eating in groups mimic each other’s eating behaviors and mannerisms. So if a friend reaches for that chocolate chip cookie, it increases the chances that you will, too. Don’t get new friends – lead the pack! Reach for low-calorie alternatives, bring a healthy dish, or order wisely– and watch others follow your lead.
2. Order a salad or broth-based soup. When the girls order crab dip for the group, you can order a low-calorie alternative at the same time. You want to be busy eating and avoid reaching for that loaded nacho chip.
3. Eat from your OWN plate. Eating in a large group can instill a subconscious fear that if you don’t get in there quickly, the food will disappear. My client Heather loves to go out for sushi to celebrate just about anything. To avoid overeating, she now asks for a small plate, chooses five pieces of her favorite sushi, and keeps them all to herself. At our next session, Heather told me that she’d felt calmer, eaten more slowly, and enjoyed the company more than ever.
4. Have fun! Chances are you’ve tasted every food you’ve ever wanted. Focus on the company and the atmosphere. Don’t live to eat…eat to live! Then just do it!
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