Skinny Tip: Stretch Your Dollar to Shrink Your Waistline!

When reading a restaurant menu at dinner, think about tomorrow’s lunch. It’s natural to want to get our money’s worth, so we often feel compelled to clean our plate. But when we view a serving as two meals, we get our money’s worth!

To help:

  1. Ask the waiter to bring a take out box with your meal so you can fill it up right away (this works if you feel super comfortable with your dining companions)
  2. Separate the portion you want to save for lunch on a bread plate, and when the waiter comes to fill your water ask him to please wrap it up in the back. They usually subtly place it on the back of your chair for you to take with you when you leave.
  3. Create a speed bump on your plate by dividing your meal into two portions. When you go to reach for the second portion, you now have a visual reminder to put the brakes on your eating.
  4. Think about what a delicious lunch you will get to eat, tomorrow!