The Danger Zone

You know the danger zone. It’s that three-hour zone before bedtime when everything falls apart. It’s that uncontrollable evening eating that most people have a hard time with- and I am no different. That’s when it’s so easy to take an entirely good eating day and throw it all away- when twelve hours of willpower (or as I call it, skill-power), gets destroyed by three hours of sloppiness.

How do I keep myself in check for those last three hours of the night when most dieters tend to fail? I’ve always relied on three tactics to make it through unscathed. Try them… you have nothing to lose, except some weight!

  1. Teeth: Something I’ve done over the years that works for me is instead of brushing my teeth at bedtime, I brush them once I ‘m done eating for the night. Using this trick usually keeps me from wanting to eat again because I am super lazy from pretty much 8pm on, and knowing I’ll have to brush my teeth all over again just seems like a lot of effort.
  1. Tea or Sparkle Water: Most of the time the reason we snack at night is that we’re winding down from the rest of our day and just use eating as a crutch to help us do it. Or, we are bored and just looking for something to do. That’s why I found just the whole ritual of making and drinking tea (caffeine-free!) to be a great way to satiate that need without ingesting extra calories I shouldn’t be having unnecessarily. I also love the fizz and flavor of sparkling water. It’s worth the middle of the night bathroom run.
  1. Talking… To Myself: Believe it or not, whether I’m by myself or if other people are over, I’ll actually say out loud “the kitchen is closed”. Yep, I’ll make an official proclamation that the room containing all my food is now off-limits. I’ll admit that sometimes it worries me that I say this to no one in particular, but it works, so I continue to do it. When you make yourself accountable- even if it’s just to yourself- it can leave you feeling like you’re going back on your word, which I have found makes me less likely to do it.
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