8 Skinny Super Bowl Tips

Don’t Gamble With Your Diet On SUPERBOWL

Hot wings, chili and nachos, oh my! Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food-consumption day, following only Thanksgiving. Use these 8 SUPER tips to survive.

  1. Intercept high calorie dishes. Bring your own “diet friendly” versions that you can eat until the final touchdown.
  2. Know the stats. 100 calories on Super Bowl looks like:
  • 2 Small Buffalo Wings
  • 1 Large Chicken Wing
  • 20 Planters Peanuts
  • 20 Mini Pretzels
  • 9 Tostitos Tortilla Chips
  • 1 1/3 Cup Salsa
  • 5 Hershey Kisses
  • 29 M&M’s, Plain
  • 1 Loaded Beef Nacho
  • 8oz Budweiser Beer
  1. Pick your seat wisely. Try not to sit in front of your most tempting foods. We eat with our eyes.
  2. Get off the bench. It’s so nice if your hubby offers to make you a plate, but you’ll likely make better selections if you serve yourself.
  3. Utilize the under- the under-sized portions that is. You don’t need to load up your plate as if it were your last supper. Just take a little bit of your favorites and fill up one plate, ONE time.
  4. Make it special. Why fill up on tortilla chips you can buy at any store at any time when shrimp cocktail is much more special.
  5. Don’t starve yourself the day of the party. You’ll just end up overeating later. Just eat less to save calories for the party.
  6. Beat the odds. When you get to the party, scan the spread before digging in. Figure out your food game plan so you can beat the odds (odds, get it?).
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