Skinny Tip: Be Selfish

When it comes to losing weight, don’t be afraid to speak up. I have a client who has an issue with pizza. She recently went to a friend’s house for the weekend, and pizza was on the menu. She was too self- conscious to ask her host to serve something else, so she ate the pizza- 3 slices to be exact. Pizza is her bad boyfriend food, so this was entirely predictable. I told my client, as I tell everyone who comes to see me, that when it comes to your weight control efforts, you can’t be afraid to speak up. My client should have said, “Thanks for providing dinner, but is there anything else we can order in addition to the pizza? Maybe a grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side?”

You need to work on yourself first and foremost. If you’re going out to dinner, don’t be afraid to bring your own salad dressing, and don’t spend time worrying what your dining companions will think if you instruct the waiter to put the sauce on your fish on the side. I’ve never lost a friend by asking for my filet mignon to be brought without steak butter, or for my spinach to be steamed. Don’t be too concerned with how any of this comes across to others. This is your weight and your life. No one else has to live it or fit into your pants but you.

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