What’s Up With The GG Cracker Craze And Their NEWEST Flavor (read to end)!

Remember the basics of weight loss: You LITERALLY have to eat less (hello caloric deficit), to weigh less. You could eat high fiber crackers and feel FULL, but if you aren’t SATISFIED, then you’re more likely to continue grazing and could end up eating more food, which will put your caloric deficit into jeopardy. Research shows that people who feel satisfied and like their food end up eating less. What’s ironic is that GG crackers are Instagram-famous not because they look pretty, but because people like to share inventive ways to make the crackers taste somewhat palatable, often with high calorie toppings. GG crackers taste really, truly bland. Plain, they taste like an Amazon cardboard box. With toppings, they look like manna from heaven.
I’ve never eaten tree bark, but I get the feeling that it tastes more interesting than GG crackers. One of my clients who was on the high fiber diet that made GG crackers famous said she couldn’t take it after a while because it was like eating “edible sawdust”, and she ended up washing them down with mounds of hummus and almond butter. That wasn’t working for her pant size.
While fiber is an important component of fullness, when it comes to weight loss, satisfaction is often more important. If you don’t like what you’re eating, you’ll eat more of it or other things to try to get satisfied. That’s just the way the GG cracker crumbles.
BUT, for those of you on the GG cracker craze, the newest flavor is here. PUMPKIN (they also come in sunflower seed and raisin honey)! Yes, it’s higher in calories than the original (40 vs. 20), but I like them because they are good, but not too good: (The raisin honey is TOO good. I ate the entire package in one afternoon, which was 400 calories and definitely didn’t fit into my afternoon snack calorie count).
SO, proceed with caution when eating GG crackers if weight loss is your goal. They are called the appetite suppressant cracker because they are inedible. I like the plain ones as a way to “turn off” from eating. But the flavored ones are really pretty good, so it’s easy to overeat them. Proceed with caution.
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