Uh-Oh, It’s That Time Of Year Again: Girl Scout Cookie Season!

It’s that time of year again: those adorable little Girl Scouts are starting to be seen all around, and their colorful cookie boxes are showing up on every street corner, at your office–or maybe even your front door!

Sure, Girl Scout cookies aren’t the healthiest snacks around, but sometimes you do decide that there’s no way to avoid indulging in these seasonal, nostalgic treats

If you’re like me, you probably want to eat the most cookies you can for the least amount of calories, right? So which Girl Scout cookies will give you the biggest bang for your calorie buck?

Savannah Smiles is the winner! You can indulge in five cookies for a reasonable 150 calories. Runner Up: Trefoils cookies at 5 cookies for 160 calories.

All Girl Scout cookies have fewer than 200 calories per serving. Thus, the most pressing question to ask yourself when you see those sweet eyes looking up at you to see if you’ll buy a box isn’t how many calories for how many cookies, it’s how many cookies are you likely to eat?


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