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“Hi Lyssa.
I am involved in a workout group called #wedohardstuff. Most of the workouts are physical but there are some that aren’t. One of the challenges this month entails writing an uplifting letter to someone. You were the first person that I thought of! I need to thank you so much for guiding me and supporting me through my weight loss journey. Looking back at photos, I didn’t even realize how many years I had been struggling to lose weight. (About 7). I had tried many different diets, juice cleanses, other nutritionists and I was never successful until I met you. I also felt defeated and I stopped working out which is unheard of to anyone that knows me because I used to be a workout fanatic. I finally feel back to my old self, I am working out again, I can get dressed every day without negative thoughts and stress and I feel great!  I hope you realize how much you’ve helped me. I definitely couldn’t have been successful without all of your helpful tips. I always feel satisfied and when I was unsuccessful during the process you always offered support to “fix” the slip. Anyone who compliments me on “how good I look,” I always recommend you because I truly believe that you are amazing. I have lost 38 pounds on my scale. I can’t thank you enough! I look forward to continuing our relationship as I know this is a life-long process and I am sure that I will need to check in here and there.
(49- year old mother of 2, school teacher)
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