One Secret To Weight Loss That Has Nothing To Do With Food!

One of the secrets to ending emotional eating is to practice the Pleasure Principle. So many of us turn to food for pleasure when we lack it in other areas of our day (or lives!). Give your mind and body other ways of feeling good, aside from eating. Many times emotional eating is just our bodies attempt to experience some daily pleasure and joy, even if momentary.

However, there is a hitch to it. Finding what gives you daily pleasure must be quick, easy and accessible, just like eating all the icing off the leftover Entenmann’s cake is.  Also, you should look forward to it! To get your juices flowing, here are some of my daily pleasures at the moment:

  1. I love to slip my feet into these cozy slippers once my workday ends. The feel of the faux fur literally makes my heartbeat come down.


  2. I am binge watching Ray Donovan right now (I love you, Ray!). It literally helps me close my kitchen at night sooner rather than later so I can watch an episode. I am also known to save a Bravo TV show to watch as my reward at the end of the day (no judgment on other peoples’ pleasures, please).
  3.  If I have downtime while the kids are in their rooms doing homework, rather than rummage around the pantry, I will lie in bed and sneak in a few pages of a favorite book. Right now I am reading Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and I love it.