Isn’t It Time?

The fancy diplomas lining my office wall may say that I am a nutritionist and R.D., but more important to my ability to help you is the fact that I am you. I’ve been where you are. I’ve journeyed to diet hell and lived to tell the tale.

The Skinny Jeans Diet is about how I broke the diet system. How I figured it out and started talking. I have a story to tell. So do the hundreds of women I’ve helped who are just like me.

“When I eat, all feelings get blocked. I go to never-never land. Nothing else matters.  It’s like I’m a different person. It’s very humiliating- but not then, not while I’m eating. While I’m eating, nothing else matters”.

“Every day I wake up and say I am going to be “good” today. Usually I make it to just before dinner, but the evenings are always the worst. I’ve been doing this for years- starting out “good” and then blowing it every night. Do you know how this makes me feel? I feel like something crazy is happening to me. Am I going to spend the rest of my life doing this dance with food”?

“I would die if people knew. If they even thought for one moment that I wasn’t this perfect, well-tuned machine. I can’t let anyone see how desperate and needy I get. The food is the perfect escape”.

Forget willpower and perfect nutrition. It isn’t going to happen. Don’t you think you’ve spent enough time trying? Let’s get on with something that does work, requires much less effort, and will get you into your pants: Changing your THINKING.

Give it a chance, see what happens. When it clicks, you are in. I’ve seen the light go on in so many women’s eyes. That’s it. They get it. The overeating and emotional eating stops in their lives, and they start to finally master their relationship with food.

I would have done anything (and I mean anything) to look and feel better. To be skinny. If there was a diet on earth that worked, I would have found it. You would have found it. The Skinny Jeans Diet Course is the solution to the problem that faces millions of us: hating the way we look and feel, never-ending diet jumping, self esteem beatings that we live with everyday of our lives.

You can continue eating the way you’re eating. Getting fatter. Feeling awful. Don’t do that. You’ve had enough. It hurts. This is a course for any woman who wants to break free of their destructive and demoralizing relationship with food, and finally lose the weight. It’s self-empowerment for ending the dangerous and disheartening cycle of yo-yo dieting, compulsive overeating and emotional eating. Isn’t it time?

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