You Binged: Here’s Your Road Map For What To Do After

Because it’s hard to think clearly after you’ve eaten 43 Oreos, it’s smart to have your strategy ready to roll in advance. These steps can help you right after you’ve journeyed to diet hell, and can help you live to tell the tale.

  1. Immediately after the binge, jot down what you were feeling and are feeling- ashamed, disgusted, regretful, remorseful, lonely, angry, scared, whatever. You can do it in the “notes” section of your food tracker, in a journal, or on our closed, private, weight loss support community page on Facebook: Skinny Jeans Get Smart & Skinny. Researchers have found that writing about a setback, rather than replaying it in your mind, can help you make sense of it. Then, allow yourself a day to feel all these things, but keep up your routine the next day. Work out, plan your next day meal and snack menu, meet a friend for coffee, and go to bed at your regular time. Give yourself space to process emotions but stay busy and connected so you don’t wallow.
  2. Ask yourself, how do I want this to play out differently next time? If you don’t quite know, repeat step 1. Otherwise, write out steps that will help you move forward, whether big or tiny: One might be “get out of the kitchen right after I clean up from dinner”, and another “watch my favorite Netflix show to numb out and distract when I am bored, or “get these Oreo’s I’m programmed to pig out on out of my kitchen”! You’re list does not need to be three pages long- you’re simply opening your mind to action steps instead of stalling in a place of inaction.
  1. Make a move. Even if you still feel bad, do at least one or two things on your list to start building up to more.
  1. Write down three things you’re grateful for three days after the binge. Research in positive psychology shows this bolster’s resolve and empowerment by reducing feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness.
  1. Ask for help. Talk to a good friend or a support person who can help you reshape your perspective. Nothing is wasted if we don’t let it be wasted. Mistakes are meant to teach us!


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