The Week Resolutions Die: It’s This Week!

The Week Resolutions Die: It’s this week. The third week in January. Our resolve starts to fade. Today, recommit to one mini food goal- eat half your plate in veggies at dinner, close the kitchen at 8pm, eat only 5oz of protein at dinner, not 8oz (ok- that’s mine), or end your affair with a bad boyfriend food for the time being! (See ya, Frosted Shredded Wheat!).

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The End of an Affair

Why do we hang in with these “bad boyfriend” foods even when every fiber of our being, not to mention our scales and waistlines, tells us they aren’t the right fit?

Just like our real-life bad boyfriends, we enter into these relationships with heavy expectations. We spend countless hours and a lot of energy thinking about how we can work them into our lives. Like the handsome Lothario we make excuses for, or the multiple offender who showers us with blinding bling, certain foods make us do everything possible to make them a good match. How many times have your caught yourself saying, “It’s okay. I’ll have just a bite of cake or a handful of tortilla chips”?

In fact, this wouldn’t be a problem at all if you could limit yourself to a single bite or handful. In the clear light of day, if you look at all of the time, energy, money, and aggravation your bad boyfriend food has cost you, then you’ll soon come to the realization that this is a relationship that just won’t work. It’s a moment’s pleasure for a lifetime of misery. Honestly, is there a food worth eating that constantly causes you to feel out of control, makes you do ad things, and damages your self-esteem?

It’s time to grow up in the world of food. With the right strategies, nearly anyone can muster the strength and courage needed to say “good riddance” to a bad boyfriend food. Just like our romantic relationships, a healthy food relationship should be based on self-love and acceptance. It should fuel our self-esteem and allow us to thrive and feel happy.

Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, you do better”. The better you know the foods that work for you and the foods that work against you, the sooner you can stop obsessing and start living thin in the world of food. A healthy relationship with food doesn’t have to involve sacrifice and denial. However, it does involve knowing the right strategies, tips and food swaps so that food doesn’t rule you. You are the queen of your castle, and you will rule the food.

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