Thanksgiving Diet Disaster? How To Get Back On Track With 7 Easy Steps

Oops! You did it again….

You ate all Thanksgiving weekend… a lot. Don’t panic. You may feel like a big fat failure, but you’re not. It’s just time to break that “Oops, I did it again” cycle and get back on the post-holiday diet bandwagon. Get going with these 6 steps:

  1. Don’t Procrastinate. Thanksgiving is over and the damage is done. Get back to your regular eating schedule ASAP. I know you may be tempted to starve yourself or skip meals, but this will come back to bite you. Dieters who skip meals end up making up the skipped calories, and then some, when they finally do eat. Just eat less.
  1. Manage Your Mistake. Starting Now.“It” Girls manage their slip-ups as soon as they happen. It’s easier to come back from two pounds than five. Go back to basics- track your food, weigh portions, go back to the diet plan that worked for you before the holiday derailment.
  1. Stop Eating Out For One Week. Exert total control over food and drink choices for one week. Bring your lunch to work, cook meals at home, and buy packaged foods with calorie counts that work for you. Had a lunch plan? Postpone until next week or meet for coffee or a spin class, instead.
  1. Go Food Shopping. Yes, your fridge contains half a sweet potato casserole and enough cookies to feed a small country. That’s exactly why it’s time to hit the supermarket. If all you have in your house is Thanksgiving leftovers that is all you will have to eat. Restock your house with the foods you need to implement your weight loss program for the week. Which, brings me to tip #5…
  1. Clean Up Your Kitchen. I am not talking about Windex here. That pecan pie might look festive on the countertop, but it will tempt you and keep your cravings activated. Freeze in the basement freezer, give it away, or just toss those last two slices. We eat with our eyes, and just seeing tempting foods intensifies our desire for them. Out of sight, out of mouth.
  1. Institute A Boredom Diet. For a few days eat very monotonous. Variety stimulates appetite, which stimulates consumption (aka calories!). Science shows a strong link between monotony of food choices and reduced caloric intake. Boring is best for weight loss and craving control!
  1. Learn From Your Mistakes. Hanukkah is almost here, and Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner. Take the lessons you’ve learned from Thanksgiving and use them throughout the holiday season. Viewing the occasional mistake as a learning experience can keep it from growing into something larger. Think about what went wrong and how you can prevent a similar situation during the festive days ahead. Then-most important- forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s time to carry on.



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