Rosh Hashanah Is Upon Us, So Use Your Noodle!

If you love noodle pudding, but not the average 471 calories per cup stat, try this easy substitution. Shiratake Tofu Noodles in ziti shape in place of traditional egg noodles. It will cut the per cup calories by about 180!

3 Tips

  1. Strain and rinse the noodles. Set rinsed noodles in sauté pan on medium high heat and walk away for 15 minutes (I typically do throw in a load of laundry at this time).
  2. Come back to sauté pan and toss noodles so the top ones get heated and the water fully evaporates. Now the noodles are ready to go!
  3. Make the traditional version as well if you don’t want your non-dieting family members to talk behind your back for years to come. It’s a swap, but not everyone will appreciate it J.
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