It All Comes Down To Calories!

Dr. Krista Vardy, PhD is a leading nutrition scientist and associate professor at the University of Illinois (Chicago). Her studies focus on “intermittent fasting”, an approach to weight loss that is taking the weight management community by storm.

Here is an excerpt from an interview in Obesity Reviews with Krista Vardy about her research, and how modified and aggressive caloric restriction a few days of the week might help us lose weight faster, keep it off easier, and live longer.

How important are calories for weight loss?

They’re extremely important.  I’ve been researching nutrition for most of my life, and while some people disagree about the importance of calories, those people are typically not experts in the field. Authorities in the science of nutrition generally agree that it’s calories in = calories out.  That’s what modifies your weight.

The people who say calories don’t matter, they generally don’t have the research credentials.  Other approaches like going low-carb or low fat – or fasting in a modified way – are just different routes to achieving a calorie deficit.

That’s what results in weight loss.

How safe is going down to 700 or 800 calories in a day?

Eating considerably less every second day seems to be perfectly safe.  In fact, we’ve only seen health markers like cholesterol and triglyceride levels improve with this plan.  The most common complaint is constipation; about one in ten people have this problem.  We try to get them to drink more water, and exercise more.  When we take a look at their food logs, we usually see that they’re not getting enough fiber.  Once they start consuming lots of vegetables, things get back to normal.

Why does modified fasting (aka, aggressive caloric restriction) work for weight loss?

For weight loss, successfully losing pounds is all about adherence.  Paying extra close attention to what you eat every other day or every few days is simply easier for most people than deprivation every day.

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