Want to stay Smart + Skinny During Halloween?

Here are my Top 4 Tips! 
1. Sort Your Candy!
Just like you did when you were a kid (Favorites, Just OK, Yuck!). Then, do to yourself what your parents did to you. Set a rigid limit on how much candy you can have, and then candy gets put (or given) away!
2. Keep Your Wrappers!
Because it’s so easy to mindlessly pop those fun sized Halloween candy into your mouth, keep every single wrapper so you know how much you’ve had (and can keep track of your calories for my calorie counters out there). You may tell yourself that you’ve only had four Twix bars, but a mile high stack of wrappers won’t lie.
3. Out of Sight: Out of Mouth!
If you’re giving out candy, buy it October 31st.
No, I am not kidding! Having candy in the house before that date is just too tempting. You definitely need to follow this advice if you’ve ever had to rush out and buy more candy…because you ate most of the candy before the first fairy princess or baseball player rang the bell. Want bonus points? Buy candy that you do not like!
4. Make Sure It’s Worth It!
It’s almost here. Fright night for your diet. To me, there’s no point in eating extra calories of something you don’t absolutely love. If you’re going to have Halloween candy, then do it with conviction. Don’t settle. Eat only your absolute favorites.