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The 5 Characteristics Of Weight Loss Grit (These 5 things make ALL the difference in weight loss)

Date:  Monday, April 12 at 8pm on Zoom
Price:  $30.
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If you’ve ever asked yourself “Why do I do this to myself?” then this class is for you!

Without these 5 things, nothing will work. No app, no meal plan, not even the “calorie accounting” method that I teach, will work without them.

If you ever quit after the first overeat…

Start off really strong and then go down in a blaze of glory after a few weeks…

Do well until the scale stalls out…

This class will cover the five characteristics of weight loss grit.

Grit is defined as a combination of courage and resolve. You have to have both in order to work through days that feel hard and you doubt that you’ll accomplish your weight loss goals. Grit prevents our setback (yes, we all have them!) from becoming our stopping point.

There are 5 characteristics you MUST possess to lose weight because they get past the most common roadblocks dieters encounter.

Learn what to do to keep going when you “mess up” and overeat. There are science- backed strategies, and this class will teach you what they are and how to use them.

Class will be followed with your Q&A.

I may be a best selling author, registered dietitian, and weight loss coach, but more importantly in my ability to help you is the fact that I AM you. I was a binge eater and emotional overeater for so much of my life. I broke the diet system, lost 50 lbs., got some happy ON, and started talking. I have a story to tell. So do the thousands of women I’ve helped who are just like me.

Forget willpower and perfect nutrition. It isn’t going to happen. Let’s get on with something that does work, requires much less effort and will finally get you to stop binge eating and emotionally overeating… immediately.


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Master Class


Monday, April 12 at 8pm on Zoom. 

 Zoom Link will be provided upon registration