Join my VIP Club and chat with me!

Invite Lyssa Weiss into your home! Our fabulous packages are a great way to stay smart and skinny all year long!

As a member of the VIP Club, you can “chat” with other people just like you! It’s fun and motivational. (Plus, we run all group and individual sessions remotely over the phone, so you can even join in wearing your jammies!)

Smart & Skinny VIP Club: $300

For the equivalent of $25/month you get 100s of ideas for losing weight and keeping it off.


  • A small group session with other VIPs (via webinar). Speak directly to Lyssa, ask questions, and get inspiration!
  • Exclusive Insider Weight Management Tips every month
  • Proven-effective “Good Guy Food Swaps” (to help kick your Bad Boyfriend Foods to the curb!)

One-on-One Sessions (Private/Individual)

  • Initial 50 minute consultation: $500 each
  • Half hour phone sessions: $150 each
  • Hour phone sessions: $300 each
  • Plan ahead! Buy 11 hour-long sessions and you’ll get the 12th one free! $3,300

Fees for the VIP Club and individual sessions must be paid in advance. No refunds are provided in case of cancellations. Individual sessions may be rescheduled, provided 24 hours notice is provided. The VIP Club membership renews automatically each year. Privacy Policy